About the Artist

Getting ready to backpack to Mt. Humboldt, Colorado

At the summit of Mt. Humboldt
14,000 feet (Whew!)



I love to snowshoe (it's like walking on top of a big lemon meringue pie). The bright Colorado sunlight and high altitude adds to the intensity of hiking, camping and winter sports here.


I stay active in the performing arts by singing with The Boulder Chorale. We perform with the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra often. Back in the olden days I performed in the song and dance chorus of a dinner theatre. We did the musical "Oklahoma" for three months, and when we were misbehaving we'd sing "Eye-Glaucoma."


One of my hobbies is being on the chase crew for a hot-air balloon company. We help set up the seven story balloon and check the propane tanks early in the morning. The launch is right at dawn, because the winds are the most stable then. Since the balloon pilot is at the mercy of the winds and doesn't know where he will land, we follow him around in a van while he floats above us. My favorite way to address the captain on the radio is, "Earth....to Sky Boy..."

Scuba diving also is joy for me, as descending into the ocean and observing the tropical sea creatures and colorful fish is awe inspiring. Exploring the underwater world is such a dynamic adventure. I've tried my hand at underwater photography, and have a collection that I'm proud of. As you can see, I have a wide variety of interests. Overall, traveling has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

At my beloved workbench

My self-portrait as a scuba diver
(apologies to Rembrandt)