Artist's Statement


With my work, I gently challenge the viewer's expectations about the coldness and rigidity of metal. To do this, I contrast weighty metals and strong geometric subtexts with sensually textured woven patterns, chaotic design elements, and curvilinear shapes. Ultimately, the softness and "gestural" movement that is intertwined throughout this static form is suggestive of some natural pattern or human form.

To impact the viewer further, I utilize echo-like photographic images of earlier works. I photographed the brooch shown and etched this image into silver and gold sheets. This cyclical process provides continuity between my past works and more recent ones. In addition, if it were highly polished, the etched surface would reflect the woven structure (which is often placed nearby). However, the etched texture is not a reflection, but a 2-D "relief" of the 3-D weavings--thus, the concept plays on the reflectivity of the metal or the lack there-of.